Motion Design Direction + Strategy

I joined Dropbox in 2020 as a Motion Design Lead where I worked with dozens of talented interactive, product and brand designers, illustrators, brand strategists, and agencies to develop Dropbox's rebrand. My focus was primarily on defining motion design for the entire brand - from where it's seen out in the world in marketing (See), to when you go to first sign up for the product (Buy), to when you're in your own Dropbox account (Use).

Hundreds of motion tests were created, contractors and vendors were hired. Huge shout out to Joyce N. Ho who helped out with early motion tests, ADVNTR (Willie and Jill) who worked on the majority of the motion tests and the final motion guidelines, and Gunner who worked on the logo animation guidlines. And of course, to the amazing designers and partners are Dropbox Design and Collins for collaborating on this beautiful rebrand. Together, we defined a system where motion felt connected, purposeful, and thoughtful.

It was a pleasure to direct and strategize motion at Dropbox. Here are just a few select examples of what we accomplished. At the end, we created motion guidelines for the product pages, marketing OOH, video title and end cards, logged-out marketing website, logos, typography, icons, illustrations, buttons, layouts, banners, abstract product illustrations, etc.