Disneyland Shanghai
Pepsi e-Stage

Role: Direction | Project Management | Design | Animation

For over 6 months, I worked with Paul Woodvine on directing, managing, and designing content for the Pepsi e-stage at Disneyland Shanghai. Along with Beeple (Mike Winkleman) and Raw and Rendered (Joey Camacho), we animated an hour of content for the stage. Overall we had created over 200 different abstract animations in less 3 months.

The Process

The one hour video is based around 8 themes: Cosmos, Volcano, Earth, Northern Lights, Bioluminescence, Spring, Autumn, and Sunset. We created 8 minutes of abstract animations based on each theme. Given the nature of the project, the process was completely different from the usual. We began with understanding each theme, creating wordmaps and finding video references. Based off of that, we created a library of abstract animations to edit together. All clips needed to fit the Pepsi color scheme of Red, Blue, and White.