Mahabharat Thesis Titles

--Full Credits--

Direction, Research and Development, Pre-production, Layout, Production Management, Rendering Lead, Lighting Lead, 3D Modeling, Camera Animation, Water, Texturing Lead, Compositing Lead: Bhakti Patel

3D Modeling Lead, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting Assistant, Pre-Production Assistant, Compositing Assistant: Jill Miyabara

3D Modeler: LeJea Williams

3D Modeling Assistant: Joon Hee Chang

Music Composer: Jared Horne


This is a senior thesis project produced at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) by Bhakti Patel & Jill Miyabara. It is a title sequence for the longest poem ever written, the Mahabharat. This Hindu epic has been adopted multiple times for film and tv, but our title sequence isn't affiliated with or for any particular version, hence the names we use are not of actors, but of the characters in the story.